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Kitsy HigginsTransformational Life CoachReiki Master TeacherAccess Consciousness Bars® Facilitator 412-422-8447         724-230-6433


Intuition Development Teleclass


Online Webinar via Zoom

Only $27, over a $99 value

Please look for webinar instructions from Kitsy when payment is made


Discover and increase the untapped intuitive power waiting inside of you! Learn how to step into the flow and tune in any time you choose. This class is geared towards beginning and intermediate levels.

You will learn:
-The 5 clairsenses
-Which senses you are working with
-How intuition can help your life
-How to increase your intuition

Only $27.00!!!!

6:30pm Eastern Time. Can't make the class? Purchase a recording & listen at any time!!


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Expanding Minds Wellness Center

(The Clement)

216 W 9th Ave

Third Floor

Tarentum, PA





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