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Group Reiki Circles


Price - Donations appreciated


Looking to feel recharged, renewed, and revitalized? This is the place to do just that! Allow yourself to destress and remove the things that are no longer serving you a purpose! This is a great opportunity to experience and to learn about Reiki first hand.

Doors close promptly at the start time. 


Indiana, PA

Sunflower Yoga Studio

580 Philadelphia St, Indiana

All are welcome

Last Sunday of the month

hosted by Amy & Kristi Keith

Contact to RSVP


Reiki Classes

"Kindle the Light in yourself, then kindle it in others - one by one" ~ Babaji


Click here for confirmation & Refund policies



Reiki One

Saturday Sept 9

9:00a - 4:30p


$125 Fee ($50 deposit due 5 days prior)

The Clement/Tarentum Tech, 216 W 9th Ave, Third Floor, Tarentum

RSVP for Reiki 1 class

In this class you will learn the history of Reiki, the practical side, and what to expect. We will discuss the important aspects to becoming a Reiki 1 practitioner. Practice time is provided after attunement to allow you to get acclimated with the


Certificate is given upon completion.

Reiki The Healing Touch: First and Second Degree Manual by William Rand is included in the class fee.

Minimum 5 students required.


*Reiki attunement *Reiki Training *Reiki Class *Reiki one *Reiki 1 *CEU Reiki Classes



Reiki Two (Shortened Version)

Sunday, Sept 10

10:00a - 2:00p


$150 Fee ($50 deposit due 5 days prior)

The Clement/Tarentum Tech, 216 W 9th Ave, Third Floor, Tarentum

**Please stay back till 2:30 if you want more info to start a Reiki Business


RSVP for Reiki 2 Class


In this class you will receive the Power, Mental/Emotional, and Distant symbol. Practice time is provided after attunement to get comfortable with the new Reiki. Please arrive at 12:30 if you are considering starting a Reiki business. Certificate is given upon completion.

Prerequisite: Reiki 1

Minimum 3 students required.


*Reiki attunement *Reiki Training *Reiki Class *Reiki two *Reiki 2



Reiki Master (ART) Class

Saturday, August 19

9:00a - 5:00pm


$225 Fee ($100 deposit due 5 days prior)

The Clement/Tarentum Tech, 216 W 9th Ave, Third Floor,  Tarentum


RSVP and pay deposit


This is the class following Reiki II and the class before Reiki Master Teacher.  The class will provide you with the Usui Master symbol, Reiki Meditations, ways to use crystals and stones, making a Reiki grid that sends Reiki to yourself and others, and Reiki psychic surgery that removes negative energy and sends it to the light. William Rand Master/ART Manual included in price.

Prerequisite: Reiki II (if you were taught by another teacher please provide certificate before attending)

Minimum 2 students required

Please bring bagged lunch


*Master Class *Advanced Reiki Training Class *ART Class



Reiki Master Teacher Class

Sunday, August 20 or

Saturday, November 4

9:00 - 5:00pm

$650 Fee ($200 deposit due 5 days prior)

Cash & Credit Card accepted only


The Clement/Tarentum Tech, 216 W 9th Ave, Third Floor, Tarentum


RSVP and pay deposit here


In Reiki Master Teacher training you are given the instructions on how to give attunements for all Reiki levels. During the class you will receive two additional Tibetan symbols, lots of practice time doing attunements, how to give yourself attunements, advanced Reiki meditation that harmonizes the energy of the chakras and the values of a true Reiki Master. Over half the class time is used for practice to allow the student to become confident in administering Reiki attunements. This class is a powerful healing experience. William Rand Master Teacher Class Manual is included in the price.

*Please bring a bagged lunch


Prerequisite: Reiki Master/ART Class (if you were taught by another teacher please provide certificate before attending)

Minimum of 2 students


*Reiki Master Class, *Reiki Master Training


Click here for confirmation & Refund policies

A Spirited Evening with Psychic Medium Kitsy Higgins

 Wednesday, February 1

at 6:30 - 8:00p 

Loafin Bakery Cafe

2865 Leechburg Rd, Lower Burrell

$10 at the door


RSVP for a Spirited Evening


Rescheduled due to weather. Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative this day. This event is a unique opportunity to receive confirmation that our deceased loved ones ar still with us! We will also discuss ways on how to connect to your loved ones without a Medium. All messages are uplifting and healing. Not everyone is guaranteed a reading.

Dinner and Two Mediums

Stay tuned for 2017 dates!

Atria's Restaurant

5517 William Flynn Hwy, Gibsonia 15044

$59.99 pre-payment required to reserve seat


Enjoy an evening at the lovely Atria's Restaurant, hear uplifting messages, and receive confirmation your loved ones are still with you.


This is an exciting and interactive group experience! Kitsy Higgins & Rick Cempie are highly trained and gifted Psychic Medium's who can tap into energies that most of us can't comprehend. You will have proof that your loved ones are still with you while also receiving uplifting and life changing messages.


The price of $59.99 includes an entree with a salad, drink (soda, tea, or coffee), tax, tip, and 90 min group reading.


Entree options:

-Chicken Parmesan

-Pecan Crusted Tilapia

-Bourbon Maple Glazed Pot Roast


Limited seats available, contact 412-422-8447 for tickets or RSVP online. Pre-payment required which guarantees you seat. Credit cards only. Please have your choice of entree ready when ordering tickets. Credit cards only. Please have your choice of entree ready when ordering tickets. Because it is a group reading not everyone will receive a reading. Please only RSVP if you can commit and BE ON TIME. RSVP closes December 5.


All tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Kundalini Reiki I, II, and Master Class

Stay tuned for upcoming classes

$99 ($50 deposit required at time of RSVP)

The Clement Building, 216 W 9th Ave Tarentum


Kundalini Reiki is powerfully simple and gentle. It is a straightfoward healing technique which does not require intensive study or the use of complex procedures. Many students describe the energy as "higher, brighter, and whiter" and "more grounded and connected to the earth." These attunements will also activate and integrate your own Kundalini life force energy to enhance your own health, creativity, and well-being. First attunement is provided in-person while the last two attunements are done at a distance.


Difference of Kundalini Reiki to Usui Reiki:

- There are no symbols to memorize, or hand positions to learn.

-The Kundalini Level 1 attunement is equal to all 3 levels of Reiki.

-When you are given the final attunement, you receive additional Reiki modalities. 

(DNA Reiki, Past Life Reiki, & Birth Trauma Reiki)


Manual emailed 5 days before attunement. Please print and read prior to event. Certificate if provided after final attunement.

Prerequisite: Reiki I

Minimum 2 students required. 

Lily Dale Day Trip

Stay tuned for 2017 dates!

Meet at Giant Eagle parking lot at 9:00am

200 Tarentum Bridge Rd, New Kensington 15068

Limited seating

Payment required to reserve seat

$50 (Travel, snacks, and gate fee included)

Lunch and Dinner is your responsibility



Lily Dale, NY is a quaint, Victorian town in New York State. It is the home of Spiritualism. It offers people enlightenment, hope and peace to those who are open to receive.

While there you can explore the grounds, make an appointment with a medium, attend Free message services, sit on one of the many porches and trade Ghost stories, receive Spiritual Healing, relax around the lake, take in a lecture, shop at the metaphysical gift shops, and watch a video to learn the history of this town!

This day trip will be an event to remember! It will allow you to explore Lily Dale and its many offerings with an experienced guide.



9:00am - Meet at Giant Eagle New Kensington

9:15am - Leave from New Kensington

10:00am - Pick up at Walmart in Cranberry

12:00pm - Arrive at Lily Dale

5:30pm - Leave Lily Dale

7:00pm - Dinner at Wegman's Cafe

9:00pm - Drop of at Walmart in Cranberry

9:45pm - Drop off at New Kensington



To learn more about about Lily Dale, view their daily events and registered mediums visit


*Minimum 6 people required

Access Consciousness Bars


Saturday August 12

at 10:00a - 6:00p

$300 for first time, $150 for repeat

Deposit - $100 for first time, $50 for repeat

7 CEU's for NCBTMB

Deposit due 5 days prior

The Clement/Tarentum Tech, 216 W 9th Ave, Third Floor, Tarentum


RSVP for First time Bars Class


RSVP for Repeat Bars Class


In this dynamic and fun one-day class, which is the  first in the series of Access Classes, you learn how to gift and receive a body healing process called The Bars.


Why learn Access Bars:

-Easy to incorporate with other modalities

-Can release limiting beliefs to create change in your life

-Your family, friends, and clients will love it!!


What happens in the one day Access Bars Class?

-Learn the 32 Bars points

-Learn a powerful Clearing Statement

-Gift & Receive Bars twice

-After completing the class you will be a Certified Bars Pracitioner!

Minimum of 4 students required.


To learn more about Bars, click here


Access Consciousness Bars

Mini Sessions

Fourth Thursday of the month

Time slots are - 6:30, 7:00, & 7:30p

20 min session for $25.00

The Clement/Tarentum Tech, 216 W 9th Ave, Third Floor, Tarentum

Pre-payment required, specify time when paying



RSVP for July 27 Mini-Session

RSVP for Aug 24 Mini-Session


RSVP for Sept 28 Mini-Session


In an effort to share this immense gift with as many people as possible I am offering Access Bars mini-sessions. You will experience the great benefits of Access Bars in just 20 min; releasing thought patterns and expanding your life to possibilies that was not possible before!! Please arrive 10 min before and wait till I come out to greet you.


The "Bars" are like the hard drive in your computer. They store the stuff you have stored over many lifetimes. Having your "Bars" run deletes these files so that they don't automatically come up in your choices and actions in life.


During a "Bars" session, your brain waves slow down, allowing behavioral patterns, belief systems and points of view that you have been running from childhood and other lifetimes to be accessed. You begin to be more present in your life and the past doesn't project into your future in the same way as it previously had been. When you get your "Bars" run you are changing the probabilities of future possibilities.


Click to learn more about Bars


Awaken Your Intution - 5 Week Course

July 12, July 19, July 26, Aug 2, & Aug 9


$99 for all 5 classes

Kitsy's Office

The Clement/Tarentum Tech, 216 W 9th Ave, Third Floor, Tarentum

Pre-payment required to reserve seat


RSVP & pay for Intuition class


Discover and increase the untapped intuitive power waiting inside of you! Learn how to step into the flow and tune in any time you choose. This class is geared towards beginning and intermediate level.

You will learn:

-Which senses you are working with

-How intuition can help your life

-How to increase your intuition

You will also receive a Third Eye Psychic Surgery, which increases your intuition, a $30 value!

By purchasing the class, you agree to sign up for all class dates.

Third Eye Psychic Surgery

Group Event

Saturday, October 21

1:00 - 3:00pm

Kitsy's Office

216 W 9th Ave, Third Floor, Tarentum


Prepayment required 


Looking to enhance your intuition or your connection to your Guides and Angels? This Psychic Surgery opens, clears, and strengthens your third eye which brings forth your natural Psychic abilities. Abilities that have lain dormant will come forward after this surgery. Allowing you to feel more in tune with your "psychic self" then ever before! Everyone from beginners to advanced can benefit from this surgery. Attendees will receive a certificate showing they have received this surgery. 


RSVP for Third Eye Psychic Surgery


*Third Eye Opening *Psychic Attunement


New office:


Tarentum Tech

(The Clement)

216 W 9th Ave

Third Floor

Tarentum, PA





By Appointment Only


Cash & Credit Card Accepted

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