~Kitsy Higgins~ Transformational Life Coach & Healer
~Kitsy Higgins~Transformational Life Coach& Healer



Reiki (ART) Master July 14


Reiki Master Teacher

August 11

Looking to complete your Reiki Journey with Kitsy?


These are the final Reiki Classes that Kitsy will be teaching in person. 






Sept 5 - Nov 28


Release the baggage that is holding you back!


Each week we will work through the root issues that are holding you back! Moving you into a life of peace & joy!



You have come to this page for a reason!

What is the saying? The universe gives you what you need, when you most need it.  My goal is to provide you with a shift in your life & peace. Just like a lighthouse, I want to help you find the light within! When you leave your session, you will feel relaxed and looking at life differently! Please visit the following pages to see the services that I offer and what to expect for your session.


Thank you and see you soon!


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