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Kitsy Higgins, LLCPsychic Medium - Spiritual CounselorAccess Consciousness Bars® FacilitatorReiki Master Teacher 412-422-8447         724-230-6433


Looking for a life with ease and joy?


At worst you may feel like you received a massage, at best your whole life will change!


Bars takes away thoughts, judgements and beliefs that are no 

longer serving you!



5 Week Course


July 12, July 19, July 26, Aug 2, & Aug 9




Discover and increase the untapped intuitive power waiting inside of you! Learn how to step into the flow and tune in any time you choose! 




You have come to this page for a reason!

What is the saying? The universe gives you what you need, when you most need it.  My goal is to provide you with peace of mind and confirmation. Just like a lighthouse, I want to help you find the light within! When you leave your session, you will feel relaxed and looking at life differently! Please visit the following pages to see the services that I offer and what to expect for your session.


Thank you and see you soon!



New office:


Tarentum Tech

(The Clement)

216 W 9th Ave

Third Floor

Tarentum, PA





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